Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation and the Rotary Club of Ajax.

Our speakers were from the Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation. In this their 65th year, they noted the substantial contributions to the hospital by our club over the years, which total well over $550,000. We were there from the very formation of the APHF.

The Foundation is very happy with the way the integration in the Lakeridge Health system is proceeding, inasmuch as the foundation's fund raising efforts are permitted to help the Ajax location and not sent elsewhere.

The APHF is currently raising money for "Alaris Pumps" having committed to purchase 10 of these at $5000 apiece, and are looking to community partners such as our club to help. These pumps will significantly reduce the possibility of error in the administration of patient needs after procedures, and their capabilities will grow as the hospital IT system becomes more comprehensive.